Home Visits are the best.  You stay in your own space, with your own stuff, on the furniture that you already have.  No running around.  I come to you!

Initial Lactation Consult:$275  1.5-2 hour visit.  We start with your history, and your baby's history, then assess the current situation and concerns. I'll take a clinical look at both mother and baby to understand more about how you fit one another. I'll weigh baby with a  sensitive scale to measure milk transfer. Together we develop a care plan that you can work with.  Telephone and email follow up included. Add $50 for multiples.

Follow up Visits: $150 (For families who have already had an initial consult.)  1 hour visit. We will tweak the plan based on outcomes of the previous plan.  Add $50 for multiples.

Prenatal Visits: $150  1 hour visit. Often helpful for those who have special situations, such as previous breast surgery, difficult previous breastfeeding experience, atypical anatomy either maternal or infant, or are just worried about the important job of feeding baby, and want to be prepared!